How to survive depression

Since Depression hampers our daily life and routine, things become quite unbearable. It is painful not only for the person suffering from depression but also the people who are caring for her/him. Therefore, it is vital to identify the early signs and eradicate depression so that it does not reappear again.  Depression has to be treated and cannot vanish on its own.  Even in extreme cases, depression can be cured by therapy, medication or sometimes a combination of both.  Here are some tips on how to survive depression:

  • Set up some realistic goals for you to achieve
  • Cultivate some hobbies
  • Don’t be hasty while making decisions
  • Abstain from alcohol
  • Keep fit and practice sports
  • Have a positive attitude to life

There are a number of means to survive depression.  Generally, people opt for medication or psychotherapy.  Anti -depressants are usually prescribed and they help to stabilize your mood. But the downside is that they may cause some side-effects such as headache, insomnia, sexual problems.

So it is more prudent to use psychotherapy rather than medicines in cases of moderate depression.  If medication or psychotherapy both are ineffective, electroconvulsive therapy can be an alternative but it can also cause some short-term side effects.

Another way to survive depression is to join support group and interact with people who are also suffering from this disorder. Meditation and breathing exercises are also beneficial but the first step is to get appropriate treatment by consulting a doctor, who can diagnose the problem and suggest the proper treatment to cure the same.