How Aiping Wang Treats Depression

First Aiping Wang introduces the basic energy principles and explains what energy is and the importance of energy for life, as most people are not clear about this? It is not necessary to understand how energy works as it works anyway but most of us need some sort of explanation at first, as it’s difficult for most people to trust what is invisible.

Next is to learn to relax, that is absolutely number one importance, so that you are able to learn how to receive fresh energy.  The method Aiping Wang teaches is not complicated, but like any form of meditation needs regular practice and takes time.

When you have a coach to guide you it all goes much faster as you can borrow their position and connection, so with a Master like Aiping, who has decades of experience, you get advanced training results and therefore develop very deep relaxation and fast track to great results. According to the 5 Elements and Chinese Medicine, which she uses as one tool for checking and re balancing, depression stems from weak or imbalanced Kidney Chi.

The lifestyle points she may advise, to eat certain foods, vegetables and herbs, for example seafood amongst other things that will support and help to strengthen the kidneys.  The key is drinking plenty of warm water, which is crucial to flush the kidneys of negative energy. Kidneys must be kept warm too and wearing the color black next to the skin may also improve as this color represents the element water is connected with the kidneys. There may be exercise such as swimming which should be adopted into your lifestyle too.  In Aiping’s view, movement is life and essential to stimulate the flow of energy through the meridians and unblock and recharge the kidneys and is recommended every day.

Early morning “crazy exercises” or “jumping” which she created from hundreds of Chi Gong movements, make the most effective way to clean the body and organs, improve energy flow throughout the body and so raise your spirit.

Aiping will teach the importance of happiness and of having a positive position, what that means and how to achieve that in daily life.  Through a disciplined combination of relaxation, movement and understanding about life and energy, day by day, the depression will be overcome naturally and will be lasting, so long as you really change your lifestyle. your behavior and start to value health and life and feel respect for life and energy. Her treatment may not always be easy to follow and not conventional even by alternative standards but it really gets results if you can stick at it and do it.